Joining Waterjet and CNC Machining

Agwey offers precision Waterjet cutting services in addition to our other manufacturing and fabrication capabilities. One of the many benefits of our waterjet services is the array of materials we can cut including steel, aluminum, beryllium copper, brass, titanium, PVC, Delrin, fiberglass, and a host of other standard and exotic metals. We can seamlessly transfer from one material to the next with little to no change over time.

Our state-of-the-art Waterjet cutting equipment offers 3-axis cutting, with nozzle pressure of 60,000 psi, with a maximum cutting width and length is 48″. We hold cutting tolerances as close as ±.005″, handling materials up to 6″ thick. Material raw forms we work from include coil, sheet, bar stock, or plate. To learn more about our advanced Waterjet cutting process or the other services we offer please contact us directly.